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https securityWe’ve all probably done it at some point in time, and it’s usually something we regret shortly after the download completes. With all the risks we are prone to while poking around the reaches of web, the lure of free antivirus software is strong and rather convincing. One quick download of a free software service such as Avast or Panda can make us feel protected in our online perusing, but as is the case with most free things in life it’s usually too good to be true.
No-cost antivirus utilities work on a bare-bones system that provides system scanning – both manual and scheduled – for spyware/malware, malicious website blocking, and some phishing protection. All of these aforementioned attributes are limited to well-known virus programs, and only detect such issues when they notice that a computer isn’t running as it’s supposed to. While this was fine 10 years ago before the advent of wide-scale hacking, these basics just don’t provide users with the protection needed in this current cyber age.
Paid antivirus suites – the upgraded alternatives – offer a broader range of protection for an annual fee, and are recommended over their free counterparts. Often times with these suite subscriptions, the detection services operate on a ‘smarter’ level and are able to catch breeches that would have been otherwise gone overlooked. Additionally, paid suites provide you with regular updates in contrast to the free-for-use utilities. Because the parameters around cyber infiltration are constantly expanding as criminals continue to get savvier, companies will provide their paid subscribers updates to ensure that their paid antiviral packages are able to catch all the new tricks the older versions would otherwise bypass.
So, it seems like paid antiviral software subscriptions are the best way to go, right? Wrong – you’re still not at your safest when utilizing this protection option. The most important thing that paid subscriptions don’t offer is technical support. Regardless of how easy the download is, or how intuitive the program is itself, should something go wrong you are still the one left holding the bag. This is when a tech support company becomes your most reliable safety net. Technical support companies such as MTI have knowledgeable technicians on-staff to help you should any function of your antivirus package fail. While some of the paid subscription services do offer an email or an 800 number to call, localized tech support will always connect you immediately with a real, live person who can get your issues fixed as soon as they arise. Placing your online safety in the hands of a dedicated professional, instead of a phantom of the web, will ensure that your personal data remains private and your nerves at-ease.