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Nowadays, anything that generates a huge “buzz” can be utilized by Spammers to target their next victim, so it’s no surprise that the recent frenzy about the Swine Flu has become the subject of their exploits.

The initial Swine Flu Spam campaigns emails sent out by scammers were intended to scare the readers, not necessarily including malicious attachments. Then the spam evolved into money-making schemes, with spammers trying to sell pharmaceuticals, medical devices and PDF’s that contain generic information on the swine flu for $20 to $30.

The first swine flu e-mail with a malicious attachment surfaced late last week and included a PDF document of Swine Flu Influenza FAQ’s. When a user attempts to open up the PDF file, it drops malware on the local computer by exploiting vulnerability in Adobe. As we all know, malware can infiltrate your system and wreak havoc.

What can you do to prevent the Swine Flu Spam for infecting your PC?

Ensuring that you have antivirus software that would detect the threat if it attempted installation is important, and anti-spam software might stop the e-mail from reaching you in the first place. In addition, a patch from Adobe has been available for some time now that fixed the vulnerability in the software.

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