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If only Microsoft could make up their minds about Windows XP. If you recall, Microsoft planned on phasing out Windows XP completely by June 2008 to push its latest OS, Windows Vista.

Fast forward ahead 6 months and guess what? Microsoft, once again, has further extended the life of Windows XP and allowed computer makers to include the operating system on low-cost desktop PCs. Our guess, Microsoft finally realized how crucial the low-end PC market is to their overall success. Realistically, a slimmed-down version of Vista would have no chance against a trimmed down Linux version especially when it comes to speed and price.

For those of you in love with XP and in hate with Vista, this is good news! The downside? Lower end laptops and PC’s are equipped with sub-par processors, memory, and hard drive space.  In addition, XP Home is typically not designed for business environments and lacks certain functions such as remote desktop and domain membership support.

Find yourself chanting, I want XP PRO? Despite what Microsoft says, you can still get XP PRO, contact MTI to learn how.