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Windows 7, Microsoft’s newest OS, is slated to release later this year or early in 2010. Many PC users who make the jump will be upgrading from Windows XP; this means having to do a clean install all your application, preferences and data will have to be reinstalled on your machine once the Windows 7 OS is in place.

This will entail more “work” i.e. backing up your dating, erasing XP and installing Windows 7, however a clean install is not necessarily a bad thing. Any viruses, registry error or other performance flaws will not be carried over into Windows 7.

Plan on making the jump from Vista?

An in-place upgrade will be available for PC users making the jump from Vista and will preserve your applications & preferences. However, MTI Tech Solutions recommends a clean install even for Vista users to avoid the “performance flaws” that could be carried over from Vista.

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